Zist Takhmir The First Producer Of Probiotics In Iran

Zist Takhmir Pharmaceutical Company 

As a knowledge-based spin-off company ,Zist Takhmir started its operations in the pharmaceutical Incubator of the Faculty of pharmacy, Tehran University of Medical Sciences in 2002.The company has managed to register several probiotic formulations to the Food and Drug Organization of Iran.

Zist Takhmir Pharmaceutical Company is the leading manufacturer of probiotic supplements in Iran. Zist Takhmir has accomplished to own a patent in its name for a highly efficient method to manufacture probiotic products using spray drying method. The company , equipped with supporting, quality control and manufacturing halls and having international standards,has achieved to produce high quality probiotic product. 

Probiotic's products of Zist Takhmir include : probiotics for children, family and ladies