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content_paste General Specifications

Royal Jelly oral vial

content_paste Packaging and dosage form

Each box contains 10 oral vials and a patient leaflet.

content_paste Composition

Each oral vial contains 2000 mg Royal Jelly active component
Other ingredients: Vitamin C, Liquid Glucose, Orange Flavor.

content_paste Indications

  • As a dietary supplement for enhancing and modulation of immune system
  • Anti-Aging effects
  • Cadiovascular health support
  • Immune system enhancement
  • Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects

content_paste How to use

Take a 10 ml vial every morning before or after breakfast or as prescribed by your physician.
This product should be taken orally and you can take it alone or dissolve it in liquid foods or drinks.

content_paste Pharmacological and clinical effects

Royal jelly, known in traditional medicine of Iran as Shah Angabin, is a milky-white liquid that is secreted from the salivary glands of worker honey bees and causes the development and differentiation of the queen bee. That is why the queen bee is twice the size of worker bees, lays about 2000 eggs a day (while female worker bees are infertile) and lives between 5 and 8 years (which is approximately 40 times the worker bee’s lifespan). This material has a wide range of proteins, vitamins and free amino acids and has been used in many countries as a healthy food and in Europe and Asia traditional medicine for longevity. Royal jelly’s estrogenic activity and its effect on improving fertility rate have also been proven in various studies. In addition, the neuroprotective effects of royal jelly due to stimulating the production and differentiation of nerve cells has been proved in various articles, which can be effective in preventing from incidence of aging problems. Royal jelly can lower cholesterol levels in people with high blood lipids and prevent the onset of atherosclerosis. From the other important features of royal jelly, antitumor and antioxidant activity can be mentioned.

content_paste Side Effects

Side effects are rare in people without a history of allergy or asthma but allergic symptoms such as itching, urticaria, eczema, eyelid and face edema, conjunctivitis, runny nose, dyspnea and asthma can occur in patients with the history of asthma or allergies.

content_paste Interaction

• Warfarin: royal jelly can increase the effect of warfarin and the risk of bleeding may increase if they are used concomitantly.
• Insulin: due to the insulin-like effects of royal jelly, there is a potential risk of enhancing the effect of insulin in the concomitant use of them.

content_paste Precaution and Warning

In the following cases, inform your physician before taking this product:
• If you have any serious illness.
• If you take any special medicine.

content_paste Contraindication

Avoid taking this product
• if you have a history of allergies, dermatitis or asthma
• if you have a history of serious allergic reaction to bee venom

content_paste Pregnancy and lactation

There in not sufficient information of the safety and efficacy of using this product during pregnancy and lactation so avoid using this product during these periods.

content_paste Storage

Keep it below 25 °C, away from moisture and direct sunlight and in the original package.
Keep out of reach of children.
This product is designed as a single dose and cannot be stored after opening.