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When people talk about bacteria people think about those nasty little organisms that linger on our bodies which causes different illnesses – but actually, there are billions and even trillions of living microorganisms in our body and plays a significant role in our digestive process. These are called “gut flora” or commonly known as “good” bacteria.

These good guys are located in our both small and large intestines. Lack of these beneficial microbes is linked to digestive problems and other health issues, the good thing is, you can naturally boost and replenish them by eating natural probiotic-rich foods such as yogurt as well as probiotic supplements.

The main role of probiotic is to ensure that our digestive process runs smoothly by maintaining the healthy gut called “microbiota”. Countless researchers have been shown that probiotics have beneficial results in eliminating any symptoms of digestive issues including IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Although they often demolish harmful bacteria, antibiotic induction can also kill good bacteria as well.

In reality, men generally have worse health compared to women due to several contributing factors such as riskier behavior, infrequent involvement in exercise and other activities, higher stress, and poorer diet. According to a statistical study, men are more prone to heart disease and cancer (most commonly prostate cancer) often than women.