Effect of Lactocare® Synbiotic on Disease Severity in Ulcerative Colitis

Inflammatory bowel diseases are managed by different methods, which may not be well tolerated because of their side effects. Recently, pro-prebiotics are considered as a supplementary treatment in gastrointestinal diseases. In this study, the effect of Lactocare® (ZistTakhmir Company) was
investigated on the disease severity in mild to moderate ulcerative colitis.

In this randomized, double-blind clinical trial (Iranian Registry of Clinical Trials number: IRCT201407271264N5), 60 patients with mild to moderate ulcerative colitis were included. An 8-week trial was carried out comparing Lactocare® as a supplement with standard therapy against placebo. Simple Clinical Colitis Activity Index (SCCAI) was measured at baseline and after 8 weeks. Statistical analysis was performed using paired ttest to assess the temporal changes (before and after the treatment) in the mean of SCCAI in each group. Chi-square test was used to compare the response rates. Odds ratios (OR) and the 95% confidence intervals (95%CI) were also calculated. p values of less than 0.05 were considered significant.

A significant decreased mean SCCAI was seen in the intervention group (4.56 ± 2.56) vs. placebo group (6.54 ± 2.47) (p < 0.05). Response to treatment was seen in 64.3% of the treatment group vs.47% in the placebo group (p = 0.18). Response to treatment was observed in 90.9% of patients with ulcerative colitis for more than 5 years compared with 44.4% of the control group (p = 0.01).

Regarding the effectiveness of pre-probiotics in mitigating symptoms in patients with ulcerative  colitis, it could be suggested to try pre-probiotics in the standard treatment particularly in those with more than five years ofthe disease.

Ulcerative colitis, Pre-probiotics, Simple Clinical Colitis Activity Index (SCCAI)